Masalah-Masalah Web Hosting

Web Hosting BusinessLayanan web hosting adalah layanan atau jasa yang memungkinkan pengguna website menyimpan data-data di internet. Layanan inilah yang akan membuat suatu website dapat diakses di internet. Nah, banyak sekali layanan Webhosting murah yang tersedia saat ini. Sayangnya, Anda harus benar-benar jeli apalagi saat menggunakan jasa web hosting yang murah.

Pasalnya, ada isu-isu yang kerap terjadi pada layanan web hosting yang Anda gunakan, contohnya di bawah ini:

Tidak bisa diakses

Jika website Anda tidak bisa diakses sama sekali, ada beberapa faktor penyebabnya. Pastikan tidak ada masalah dengan koneksi internet dan browser Anda. Jika website tidak bisa diakses sama sekali demikian, Anda mesti menghubungi langsung pihak penyedia jasa web hosting karena mungkin server mereka yang sedang bermasalah.

Loading lambat

Layanan web hosting yang Anda gunakan memiliki performa buruk jika loadingnya lambat. Mungkin ukuran space dan bandwidth-nya kecil. Apalagi jika layanan yang Anda gunakan adalah layanan shared hosting. Apabila website-website dalam satu server diakses secara bersamaan, kemungkinan besar loadingnya lama.


Penyedia layanan web hosting punya beberapa alasan untuk mensuspensi website yang datanya tersimpan pada server mereka. Pertama, Anda telat bayar tagihan web hosting (biasanya tahunan). Alasan website disuspensi lainnya yakni spam atau berisi konten yang mengandung hal yang berbau sara, pornografi, dll.


Domain yang expired atau kadaluarsa biasanya karena “sudah tua” dan belum diperpanjang dengan pihak penyedia layanan web hosting. Anda perlu menghubungi langsung atau mengirim tiket support jika menemukan hal ini. Sebelumnya, cek kapan tanggal kadaluarsa domain Anda.

Tidak menutup kemungkinan pula bahwa layanan web hosting berbayar yang tarifnya tinggi & kompetitif juga bisa jadi terkena masalah-masalah di atas. Oleh sebab itu, Anda harus benar-benar cermat dalam memilih paket layanan web hosting.

Plus Minus Dedicated Hosting

Untuk dapat membuat website, Anda tentunya harus terlebih dahulu memiliki sebuah domain name. Domain name ini nantinya akan diperlukan saat akan menyewa web hosting. Web hosting merupakan server atau tempat penyimpanan data, gambar, atau angka di internet yang memungkinkan personal atau organisasi menampilkan layanan jasa atau produknya pada sebuah blog atau website di internet.

Bicara mengenai web hosting, sebetulnya ada banyak tipe web hosting yang bisa dipilih salah satunya adalah dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting merupakan server yang berdiri sendiri atau memungkinkan penyewanya tidak berbagi server dengan penyewa lainnya.  Jika Anda tertarik memilih dedicated server, Anda bisa pertimbangkan plus minus yang ditawarkannya.

Dedicated HostingPlus

  • Kontrol penuh. Dengan menggunaan dedicated server, bukan tidak mungkin Anda akan mendapatkan kontrol penuh untuk dapat mengubah, mengatur, membuang informasi, serta melakukan aktifitas lainnya pada server.
  • Minim gangguan. Mengingat server ini berdiri sendiri atau tidak berbagi dengan pengguna lain, tak heran jika server ini menjanjikan minim gangguan yang diakibatkan oleh kelebihan quota server lain. Terkecuali gangguan yang berasal dari penyedia web hosting yang bersangkutan.


  • Biaya lebih mahal. Namun sayangnya, di bali kelebihan yang ditawarkan dedicated server menawarkan biaya yang lebih mahal. Namun, tetap tergantung dengan spesifikasi yang yang ditawarkan.
  • Butuh penguasaan tinggi. Selain daripada, kekurangan lain daripada server ini adalah tidak semua orang bisa menggunakannya karena dibutuhkan kemampuan teknis yang mumpuni. Seperti halnya mengetahui tentang hardware, hardware, sistem operasi, jaringan internet, dan lain sebagainya.

Jika Anda ingin menjalankan bisnis online, Anda bisa pertimbangkan server ini. Jika Anda tidak memiliki keterampilan, Anda bisa menggunakan tenaga ahli untuk melakukannya.


Advices to Be a Smart Student

Smart StudentWhen you have decided to go to college after graduating school means you have to take responsibility for the decision. Your responsibility in this decision could be in terms of your seriousness in running the course.

Seriousness is expected to make you become outstanding students. When a student achievement of course there will be many benefits that you will get. What is it? Favored by the lecturer, has many friends, and also will allow you to enter the world of work. But, how student achievement? Consider the following simple way.

Create a plan

If you want to be the best students on campus, steps you have to do are make a plan beforehand. Plan here as well, you want to achieve or even maintain a IPK above 3.00 starts until the end of the first half. Plan you create you apply this in your mind. The assumption, it is not likely you will continue and always try how can realize that goal, is not it?


For students who excel can be, you certainly need to be active both in the classroom and on campus. Active in the classroom as well as the question and answer you actively with faculty about something that you have not understood. On the other hand, you are also active in campus activities or extracurricular activities.

Other than that, it is equally important is to never sluggish to learn at college especially if you are not familiar with certain subjects. Therefore, your absence will only make you gain minimal knowledge on a particular subject.


Another thing you have to do is stay focused when you are in college. Although you are a person who comes from a humble family that requires you to work to be able to pay tuition, be sure to stay focused when you are in college. How difficult and complex as any work that you face at work, make sure not to bring it around your campus.

Requirements of Great Site

website aHave you been an internet business store owner or online internet marketer who not nevertheless succeeds to generate more clients? You’re necessary to focus on your site since who understands that the site doesn’t load requirements of great site like described below, if you should be, irrespective of analyzing your advertising strategies:

Current items. Bill Gates stated “content is just a king.” you have to realize that, among the major causes why clients and guests visit your website is the items. Clients and guests certainly feel sluggish to go to your site -designed constantly, in case your items are aged. As a result of this, so that they like visiting as well as buying in your website you’ve to revise items frequently, minimum once per week.

Great website design. Your website often appear packed so guests experience puzzled of discovering items/providers they require, particularly if you place several unnecessary ads or pictures, should you don’t design your site tidily. Consequently, design your site as easy so that as neat as you can. In the event that you don’t understand how to design your website nicely request aid from competent web site designers, like web design Jakarta. Understand that with great website design, there’s much chance to attract clients and guests.

Fast loading time. Study suggests that site is left by many potential prospects in only couple of seconds if site load slowly. What about your site? You’ve to create it have fast-loading period by resizing images and eliminating cartoon display, in case your site isn’t available quickly. Besides, utilize great website hosting companies providing you with cheap website hosting providers.

What Makes Teens Worry?

In adolescence, there are many teens who start busy with various activities both inside and outside school. This makes them not pay attention to their appearance well. This condition makes them have to face these problems that they highly worry:

Acne. Doing many activities outside home make skin exposed to dust, dirt, free radicals, germs and bacteria directly. They also often do not wash their faces cleanly, so acne appears one by one on their faces. When this problem comes up, they usually deal with lack of confident. To deal with this problem, teens are highly recommended not to use beauty products carelessly. It is better to consult with dermatologists first.

proportional body aShort body. Realize that short body is caused by not only genetic, but also muscles which don’t grow up optimally. For this, teens are required to apply healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy foods and doing sports regularly. For more tips on growing taller, visit soon. At this site, teens can find lot information not only about growing taller, but also whitening skin, removing acne, overcoming hair loss, and much more.

Obesity. Consuming fast foods is one of the teens’ habits. It is fine as long as these foods are not consumed carelessly. In fact, most of teens consume junk foods excessively, so their weight keeps increasing fast. How to solve this problem? Of course the first thing to do is to stop consuming junk foods. Then, do healthy diet program and sport as well and as routine as possible.

Want to Boost Your Online Income?

incomeOne of the online business failure causes is getting low sales rate continuously. This problem makes online business owners go bankrupt earlier. If you are an online business owner, do you have good sales rate? If you don’t, find out the right solution, so your online business survives forever. If you really don’t know what to do, do the following tips:

Fix website display. Look your site appearance, whether it looks good or not. If it looks bad, you must fix it now! How? Redesign your website as simple and as tidy as possible. You may look competitors’ site as references. Make your own site looks more attractive and nicer. If you cannot design site yourself, don’t doubt to contact web designers. Remember to choose professional ones, okay!

Speed up website loading time. If your site loads slowly, so you cannot access it fast, you have to make speed up site loading time. It is important to do because most internet users don’t like wasting time to access slow website. To make your site load fast, resize pictures, remove unrelated vides at site, and use web hosting services from reliable providers, like ASP Webhosting that offers not only Windows .Net hosting, sharepoint hosting, and reseller hosting, but also domain name.

Use SEO service. If your website appears on the second or third page on SERP, be ready to own little opportunity to get many sales. To deal with this, optimize your website on selected keywords by getting backlinks naturally. To ease you to do this, use SEO service from trustworthy companies.

How Do Pilot School Manage the Risks?

Pilot School6Risks can be sure there will always be and will never be eliminated. Even so, the risk could still be minimized and avoided. Talk about risk, this risk must not only be experienced by a personal or industrial companies, goods, or services, but also can be obtained by educational entities is one of the pilot schools.

In order to minimize risk and avoid the risks that may occur, the pilot schools also conduct several strategies. What is it? Quoted from several sources, following a pilot school way of managing the risks that may occur.

Using a good trainer

Training aircraft could be said to be a major facility in the pilot schools. With the training aircraft, pilot students can learn without fear of flight techniques as supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. Given these conditions, the pilot school decided to use a good training aircraft from all sides to minimize accidents during flight training.

Using sophisticated simulators

To be more perfect knowledge of the flight, the student pilot must not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge. Practice here does not have to force the student pilot to plunge into the field to try his own plane or train because it would be very dangerous. So, the school uses a simulator or flight to describe the machine.

Buying insurance

Risk of accidents during flight training will most likely occur. This condition would not only harm the students but also the school. To that end, the parties at school decided to manage this risk by purchasing insurance. That way, any possible risks can be transferred to the insurance company.

Generally, risk management has been applied by the AAA flight school and pilot schools more reliable.



Create Individuals Appreciate Functioning at Workplace

workers aIn operation world, there are numerous problems which have to be confronted by administrators. One particular issues is creating workers enjoy working at workplace. Many managers believe this obstacle isn’t complicated, so long as they provide high-salary, the employees are content. Could it be? In fact, it’s not because ease is also needed by individuals. They’ll decide eventually if they don’t get ease at company, regardless of acquiring high salary.

Well, if you’re a director who would like to create your staffs and employees enjoy working at your workplace, regardless of going for reasonable pay, you have to do these:

Recognize all individuals’ careers. When succeeding in order to complete your careers however your employer doesn’t recognize you what do you experience? You certainly feel frustrated and disappointed, right? Thus, admiring all of your personnel jobs, specifically for them who succeed to accomplish their jobs punctually and/or earn new business initiatives is crucial. You’ll be able to congratulate, offer advantage, encourage new place, and etc.

Produce “Work Like at Home” environment at workplace. Maybe you have appeared Facebook’s and Google’s company image? If you’ve, you certainly understand how revolutionary and beautiful their workplace, right? This disorder makes equally Facebook’s and Google’s individuals enjoy working at workplace. Hence, generate “work like at home” environment at your working environment by giving ample services.

Tune in to your employees and answer properly. Yes, by hearing your employees, you know what they require, desire, like, and also dislike when performing at workplace. This exercise may appear simple, but it’s beneficial to create and enhance partnership together with personnel and your staffs.

Rujak in Indonesia

Rujak Terasi LombokThe matter that involves mind is range, isn’t it, if we discuss Indonesia? Yes, be it variety with regards to culture, language, religion, group, state, or practices.

Not just have that, but also range was also presented by every location in Indonesia when it comes to food, one-of which is really a salad. Rujak is meals based on mixtures of fruits or vegetables which are typically included brown sugar sauce, chili sauce, or other suitable imagination population of every location.

1. Rujak Cingur. Rujak Cingur is quite common in East Java, exactly in the region of Surabaya. Rujak Cingur consisted of a few slices of fruit such as young mango, pineapple, and others are added to the rice cake, tofu, tempeh, and sprouts, bean sprouts, and green beans are then mixed with a sauce of processed shrimp paste, sugar red, chili, and peanuts.

2. Rujak Shanghai. Correctly in your community of Treasure or old town, you’ll be offered Rujak Shanghai, if in Jakarta. Rujak Shanghai contains cucumber, squid, radish; kale is blended with a sauce of tomato sauce, soy sauce, and the sauce Toman. Usually, nuts smoothed produced toping Rujak Shanghai.

3. Rujak Kuah Pindang. If it doesn’t taste particularly Balinese salad Rujak Kuah Pindang in the event that you are on ceremonial to Bali, it seems unfinished. You will find Rujak Kuah Pindang near Bali, Ubud region, Uluwatu resorts and different areas to stores.





Wish to Improve Your Home’s Appearance?

home 1aMany homeowners don’t since they don’t understand what to accomplish care for their home’s look effectively or they’re occupied making use of their enterprise pursuits. Think about you? Is the household good or relaxed? Since listed here are some approaches to enhance your home’s appearance you intend to enhancing its appearance, and if it’s not, it’s rather by chance:

Enhance your backyard. Have you any idea exactly what the element of your house exterior that’s usually seemed by your friends or neighbors? Yes, the clear answer is garden. Thus, enhance it at the same time and as gorgeous that you can. How? Therefore it seems more appealing, if possible, design your backyard as wonderful and as clean as possible. Require aids from reliable and professional scenery designers, should you get trouble in carrying it out.

Paint wall with refreshing and new hues. Can you feel more comfortable with wall’s shade? In the event that you don’t, paint it with new, refreshing, or favorite colors, like pink, green, blue, yellow, and red. Consider adding wall stickers, when you yourself have enough finances.

Eliminate poor or empty things. If making bad or empty things at home is only going to create home search packed and bad know. It’s much better to eliminate and replace them with fresh people.

Make sure to purchase plants only at well-known florists, like Flower Advisor that is a professional online florist. Ideally, by performing the techniques above, your home’s appearance can look more serious and better. :)

Looking after Skin Health

Skin HealthThe facial skin could be considered a significant emphasis in elegance. About The other-hand, can also be a representation of the entire cosmetic beauty possessed by females? With all this scenario, make not your skin balanced and removed from boring and bright is crucial do. Incidentally, how? Take a look at more information below.

Prevent. By avoiding a few of the subsequent actions you might also need togo with it, as well as undertaking the easy actions recommended above.

  1. Extreme diet. You don’t have to do an intense diet that will jeopardize the and on occasion even your security, to obtain the perfect body. Not just that, your elegance is also affected by severe diet, particularly within the skin.
  2. Exposure to daylight. Extreme sun-exposure can make the skin burn, increased dark spots, approximately forth.
  3. Smoking. The purpose? You have to understand, cigarettes may also make that person look boring and older.

Get it done. Actions under should enable you to keep consistently the skin remain actually excellent, flexible, and healthy.

Make sure to boost the use of fruits and vegetables every single day. Supplements which exist in vegetables and fruits aren’t just healthy for your body, but will even make the skin healthier.

  1. Routine workout. Easy steps can do to care for the skin is remember to workout at-least fifteen minutes each day, not just cause you to healthier body but additionally a strong method to tighten your facial skin.
  2. Drink lots of water. Make sure to eat at-least 8 cups of water daily. Along with help digestion, boost drinking tap water is likely to make skin look brighter, healthier, and not even close to the wrinkle.




Successful Investment

investasiyang tepatWould like to get a brilliant future? Then to any extent further, the actions you have to do and consider pillar do appropriate financial planning. Along with saving cash and purchase insurance, investment may also do to obtain potential glorious past.

Really there are lots of types commit to select from, although not all expenditure would work for you personally and guarantee. Take a look at some lucrative investment and you are able to think about the following:

You may pillar by means of purchase of mortgage loan together with the aid of the financial institution, while you don’t have sufficient resources.

Inventory. You may also buy investments such as for instance stocks in another of the big, well known, and without doubt its lifetime. When the share price increase isn’t likely you will get the dividend is encouraging.

Home. When you yourself have enough cash, it’d be recommended to put up the home. Investment properties are thought since actually every year the home prices have improved very significantly encouraging.

  1. Apartments. The condo is among the most appealing places to remain most consumers. Therefore, you can purchase a flat like a type of expenditure. Flats be sure you Are available area, downtown, or proper.
  2. Home store or office at home. About The other-hand, you might consider purchasing a home shop or home office situated in a-side road. Usually, rents can be found for this kind of home is a lot more costly compared to rental home in common.
  3. Boardinghouse. You can purchase a home to be used as a boarding home. With records, ensure that you choose the precise location of the home is situated not far from your university or college.


Purchasing Sweets for Romantic Days Celebration on Flower Advisor

Romantic Days Celebration gets near to it, whether you’ve prepared something special for the spouse? Or even, it never hurts to select candy like a reward. I would recommend purchasing candy from Flower Advisor or Singapore site. Exactly Why Is that?

cakesSince, in Flower Advisor you’ll discover tasty sweets using a distinctive and appealing presentation. Here are a few of the sweets being presented within this online shop:

  1. Magnificent Love. Wonderful Love is just a round-shaped chocolates wrapped in silver paper and stalk. This candy shaped such as for instance a rose arrangement. You will get candy arrangement costs SGD 83.
  2. Sweet Shock. You may also decide to provide Nice Shock cost about SGD 83. Nice Shock is in quite a container of candy coupled with a lot of plants.
  3. Celebrate Love. You may also celebrate Romantic Days Celebration with your companion with Enjoy Love which is just a dessert in a-12 candy cupcake on which it’s adorned. Curiously, the chocolate dessert at SGD 102 could be requested based on the concept you would like.
  4. Sweet Fruits. Not just that, in addition you can provide your companion Special Fruits. Nice fruits are adorned with floral cloth container comprising chocolates and desserts that surround the teddy-bear.
  5. Sweet Decadence. You may also supply 12 sweets with numerous designs put into a container. The cost? You can purchase it at a cost of around USD 66.
  6. Express Love. You are able to give your companion 12 cookies with a range of chocolate or vanilla taste. For pricing, roughly SGD 58.

Top Asian Universities

The University of TokyoWhere is your destination to study abroad? If you live in Asia, you’re probably looking for a university in Europe, America, or Australia. By the way, why don’t you first have a look at top universities in Asia? In fact, Asia also provides numerous universities that can be your best place to study and improve your career. You know, here are the top Asian universities (in order) in accordance to The World University Rankings:

The University of Tokyo

When it comes to Asian destination to study abroad, students’ main choice is surely Tokyo, Japan. That’s because of The University of Tokyo that is in the first place of top Asian universities. The University of Tokyo is a public research university situated in Bunkyo. Academic Ranking of World Universities placed this university in the 21st world’s rankings in 2013.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Singapore is also the most preferred destination for Malaysian, Indonesian, and other Asian students. Lots of international students dream to study at NUS (National University of Singapore). It is the flagship of Singaporean higher education. This comprehensive research university was founded in 1905 and now situated in 21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore.

The University of Hong Kong

We shouldn’t forget to talk about The University of Hong Kong while discussing top Asian universities. This public research university was founded in 1911 which become the oldest higher education in Hong Kong. 24% of the student population is international student.

Peking University China, Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech), and Seoul National University are also in the list.

Web Design Company

web design companyIncreasing numbers of visitors from all over the internet world was used as a golden opportunity for business people to be able to attract many customers. In addition to communicating their products or services through social networking, how effective is generally selected as a media campaign is the website.

Along with the many business people who use the website for promotion would have caused intense competition among them. One way you can do this is to win the competition with web designing.

If you lack the ability in web designing, you can choose two web design providers following destinations:

  • This is a site that provides web design services at once with optimization. Melbourne web design offers attractive designs because it is handled by professional staffs.
  • Information Technology Company specializing in industry based website CMS was established in 2011 in Blitar, East Java. The service is fast and friendly, money-back guarantee, on-time completion is some of the many reasons why customers should choose


Prohibitions in Ranau Lake

Ranau Lake is a beautiful tourist spot which is located in Kabupaten Lampung Barat. This lake looks so beautiful and exotic because there is a mountain, named Seminung. Local people like fishing there. Are you keen on visiting Ranau Lake? If you are, make sure that you know that there are prohibitions that you have to obey in this lake, such as:

danau ranau bBoast. No matter how rich, gorgeous, interesting, or cool you are, make sure that you don’t boast yourself in Ranau Lake. Why? Local people believe that ancestral spirits will be angry and punish you. Based on local people’s experience, bad guys who boast in this lake usually get health disorder, like fever and paralyzed.

Do bad things with spouse. Keep in mind that Indonesia is a country which still applies good manners. Therefore, when doing bad things, you get not only punishment from ancestral spirits, but also local people.

Believe it or not, you have to obey rules in Ranau Lake.

Top Villas Near Senggigi Beach

In Senggigi area, tourists can find various accommodations, such as villa, resort and hotel. Anyway, if now you are looking for the right accommodation near Senggigi Beach, you are highly recommended to choose villa. There are some top villas that you can consider, such as:

Lombok Villas. This villa near Senggigi Beach Lombok offers six comfortable and exclusive villas for you, such as: Studio, Krandangan, Krandangan Private, WINE, BoJan, and Carpe Diem. Each villa is equipped with adequate facilities, such as: AC, TV, microwave, refrigerator, DVD/CD player, coffee maker, and so on.

The Santosa Villas & ResortThe Santosa Villas & Resort. This is four stars villa and resort that offers 125 terrace rooms, 30 deluxe rooms, 4 villas with private pool, and 3 president suites. The room rates start from 54 dollars to 450 dollars per night.

Pool Villa Club Senggigi. If you want to stay at luxurious and five stars villa, Pool Villa Club Senggigi is the right choice. It provides 16 high quality villas that are equipped with Jacuzzi, AC, TV, minibar, etc.

Overcome Personal Financial Problem

financial aSome people will apply for loan as soon as possible when dealing with personal financial problem. Is it good? It depends on their ability in returning loan. If they feel able to return money, this way is good or vice versa. Well, if you are dealing with this problem and don’t want to apply for loan, do you know what to do? If you don’t, consider doing these:

Rent your property. If you have apartment, land, and house which you don’t use, rent them. Doing this you can get additional income and pay off your debts. What if you don’t have property, but you just have a wide house? Consider renting some rooms at your home. This way is effective to generate money.

Sell your used stuffs. If there are a lot of used stuffs at your home, sell them. Open a garage sale to attract buyers’ attention. Even, if you have used car, you may sell it. If you get difficulty in selling your used car, visit

Why Is a Dishwasher So Expensive?

expensive dishwasherOne of the reasons why many people refuse using dishwasher is the fact that they have to spend hundreds or thousands of bucks to make a purchase. Do you think so? Well, there are certainly strong reasons why the price of a dishwasher is so high:

  1. Powerful performance. If you find a very cheap dishwasher, it is likely an appliance with poor performance. Dishwasher manufacturers absolutely equip their products with powerful function. Perhaps, it is using Turbo technology that can clean the dish quickly.
  2. Features. Additional features can also be the reasons of an expensive dishwasher. The product probably provides indicator, time delay feature, and so on that function to ease and facilitate users.
  3. Guarantee. In general, major appliances, like dishwasher, are equipped with one to three-year warranty to give the users peace of mind for possible damages in the future within the period. They can get it repaired again without spending any money.

Perlengkapan Wajib Backpacker

backpackerBeberapa orang memutuskan untuk mencoba menjadi seorang backpacker dengan tujuan merasakan petualangan yang berbeda dan juga menguji keberanian. Kamu ingin mencoba hal yang sama? Cek peralatan untuk ber-packer di sini:

Ransel / backpack. Untuk ber-backpacker, kamu mutlak butuh tas yang disebut ransel atau backpack (lebih kecil dari ransel). Di sanalah semua peralatan kamu akann dimasukkan.

Nah, untuk backpack bagus, kamu bisa beli di website Lojai. Aku rekomendasikan Backpack Royal Mountain 1438.

Baju. Kamu akan ganti baju kan selama perjalanan?

Tenda. Kamu cukup bawa tenda kecil.

Sepatu / sandal tracking. Menjadi backpacker kamu akan sering jalan kaki.

Kompor dan alat-alat masak. Kalau kamu bermalam di dekat hutan, nggak akan ada restoran, bukan?

Kompas, peta, GPS. Kamu butuh alat-alat ini, namun belajar dulu cara penggunaannya ya?

Senter dan lampu. Kamu akan di jalan saat malam menjelang.

Bahan makanan. Kamu perlu bawa bahan makanan untuk dimasak di manapun.

Pisau. Kamu akan butuh benda yang satu ini saat sedang berpetualang.